Studio designing stories

Bringing together architecture and art direction, we design synthesis and shape potential. Based outside Milan, Nube works for a diverse range of clients, companies, individuals and institutions through various media.

Architecture, Art direction, Brand communication, Brand strategy, Concept & Design, Copywriting, Corporate design, Creative direction, Editorial design, Exhibition design, Image production, 3D motion graphics, Interior design, Logo design, Pavillion, Photography, Photography production, Product design, Social media design, Video production, Visual identity systems, Web design, Web development

Nube works as a task force of diverse talents on each project. Nube is a studio made up of people who share a deep interest in learning through specific ways of researching space and stories. Along their individual journey, each one has developed personal collaborations with various clients such as:

Caimi Brevetti, Cannon Group, Controcoltura,, dotdotdot, GFC Architecture, Gluce, La Spilleria, LAND, Oiv, Park Associati, Regione Lombardia, Sirecom, Space Travellers Architects, Tecnologic 3, Toni & Guy, Triennale Milano, UnopiĆ¹.